Sources FFGL

Sources are generated video. Each sources have their own parameters. Get much more possibilities than simple video loops !

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Effects FFGL

Deform, displace, colorize, the Effects FFGL give you a control for each pixels of your vidéo/image

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Mixer FFGL

Superpose videos by using nice and specials transitions

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FFGL PLugins

Plugins FFGL are internal plugins. They are .dll or .bundle red by your VJing Software and adding new effect, transition, video source directly in it. compatible with many VJays and video mapping software such as Resolume, VJamm, VDMX, Isadora, Salvation and many other.

VST for Vjing

Get real VST equivalent for VJing by getting External Plugins. These plugins are much more powerfull than FFGL but also much more eavyier and you need recent graphic cards to use them. They are working as independant application using Spout or Syphon technology to share video between the plugin and your Vjing/Mapping software.

New plugin released : Vorosquare

This new tiny FFGL plugin draw, deform and dissolve your input video with squares. You can control size, speed, intesity od deformation and lots of more with midi/osc or sound signal. That makes some intersting effect as you can see on the video above. This plugin is compatible with all version of Resolume software or other software supporting FFGL plugins on windows only.

The sound is comming from S-Brother-S project :



Unit44 studio

LPM Festival