About VFXArtShop

VFXArtshop has been totally developped by VJ Natspir in 2016. It's a webshop developped by a VJay for VJays and Motion designers.

VFXArtShop offer you several VJing and Mapping tools. Here you can find many free or premium plugins for Mac and PC. Two kinds of plugins are developped on this website now :

  • Internal Plugins (FFGL)
  • External Plugins (Spout/Syphon)

There will be tiny softwares compatible with all VJays or Djays software who support OSC/Midi available on this website along with Motion Designer tools developped for your favorite 3Dsoftware

About Natspir

My name is Bruno Got aka Natspir from Grenoble, France. I'm kind of CG animation and 3D Modeling since I have 14 and I started to create short CG film with Blender. Then I discover progressively motion design and VJing when I start to create funny CG video loops with Blender and mixed them with Arkaos and Resolume.

Instead of doing an art school of Motion design or CG animation, I decide to learn very new skills at school : Cumputer Science. So I did 3 years of Cumputer Science and I did my final internship at Resolume B.V in Netherland, Where I met up Edwin, Bart and the Resolume crew for the first time. During this internship I learn how to code application and FFGL as plugins for Resolume.

I did a year 4 of Cumputer Science in the Puy-en-velay during this year I learn how to code 3D programs, video games, virtual reality, Graphics programation(shaders), and I did my internship at Théoriz Studio(Lyon, France), the studio is coding some application to run Kinect, 3D environement and resolume to do interactive video mapping and visuals.

Now I'm actually developing VFXArtShop Website and all premium plugins. I do this to bring new tools and possibilities to Vjays. I hope you will enjoys this website where you will find premium quality plugins and free plugins from other developers.


About FFGL

Plugins FFGL are compatible with many VJays and video mapping software such as Resolume, VJamm, Modul8, Isadora, Salvation and many other. They can provide on your software generative video(Sources), video effects(Effects), video transitions(Mixers).

Internal Plugins (FFGL)

 internal plugins are the FFGL plugins. They are called internal plugins because they are .dll(Windows) or .bundl(OSX) directely red by your Vjing software, and so available into your software.

The differents FFGL plugins available here works on graphic cards for best result and optimization. Sources generate video with the best resolution as you can get on your computer.

External Plugins (Spout / Syphon)

External plugins are real VST for Vjays. The purpose of these plugins is to provide to Vjays same kinds of tools as VST for DJays. It's an external application wich can generate complexe and realist animation and offer large control on it. Some of theme generate a full PBR environement in real time, some other can be plugged with a Leap Motion. Some of them are developped for classic video mapping such as cube, pyramide or sphere projections. These application are much eavyier than classic FFGL and powerful graphic card is expected !