Circle Tunnel V1


FFGL Windows Plugin Source

Generate an procedural tunnel . with 6 parameters to control speed, tunnel size and tunnel morphing, and alpha background.
— Circle Tunnel V1 —

  • System : Windows
  • Compatible Resolume 5,6 & 7
  • Graphic Card complexity : light
  • Number of parameters : 6
  • Type : 2D – 3D Source
  • Resolume 6 & 7 composition with 16 preset

Here is a live demonstration of the plugin that you will get :

If you like the sound, you will have more about the artist, Grouch by following the links below :


The first version of Circle Tunnel Source generate a blue deep and fast tunnel with 6 parameters to control speed, aspect, form and size. Very usefull for deep minimal, techno, psytrance show



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