Circular Waves (External plugin)


Spout Windows Plugin Source

This is the first external plugin by VFXArtShop. It generate circular waves under your mouse. 4 parameters allow you to control waves speed, frequency, circle fading, circles size. The spout protocol allow you to send the generated video to any other VJ software supporting Spout. So you can mix it with other videos in your favorite VJ software. Get it for free !

— Circular Waves–

  • System : Windows
  • Graphic Card complexity : Medium
  • Number of parameters : 4
  • Type : External plugin, Spout application
  • Developer : Natspir


This plugin generates circular waves in an external viewport. The video generated by this application can be used in Resolume (or any other VJ software supporting Spout) as input generated video, as below :

This plugin is free and is the first of many external plugin in development at VFXArtShop Studio. Get it for free now !


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