Geometric FX V1


Very useful video effect for VJing and video mapping as well. It generates geometric forms mixed with your input video. It has 5 sliders and 3 checkboxes to switch between different modes : invert speed, keep output ratio, link speed and frequency. The last mode “link speed&frequency” allow you to get more speed control when the frequency of your forms are very low. Try the demonstration version to test it by yourself now.

FFGL Windows Plugin Effect
— Geometric  —

  • System : Windows
  • Compatible Resolume 5,6 & 7
  • Graphic Card complexity : light
  • Number of sliders : 5
  • Number of checkboxes : 3
  • Type : Mixing effect
  • Demo version : NSGeometricV1_Demo.7z (14493 downloads ) (not for Resolume 7)

Check the live demonstration by Natspir on Nico Orang Sound :

if you like this sound :
Nico Orang


This effect generate geometric forms mixed with your input video. You can control frequence and signal speed, control the edge nomber of your form to get lines, triangle, square, hexagon or circle. You can also control the rotation vector of your form. The last parameter is the alpha parameter that allow you to change the blending mode with the input texture. This parameter works well when the effect is on the layer.
Some plugins have difficulties to works with some graphic cards. To be sure this plugins is fully compatible download the demo version : NSGeometricV1_Demo.7z (14493 downloads )

If you have trouble with the demo version send mail to :


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