Kernel (Spout Plugin)


Kernel is a 3D Spout/OSC application. This application give you the control on 4 concentric half sphere.
With the associated FFGL you can control it via Resolume using OSC protocol. You will have 9 parameters to control, speed rotation, half sphere offset, camera forward tracking, camera rotation, camera axis rotation, and more slider to control some other effect over theses half sphere.
Once the .exe application is started you can resize it to use the GUI or reduce and hide the windows to get best performance.

You will be free to set the resolution you need. Depending of your computer performance you will be able to set it up to 4k or just keep on low resolution. The windows size have no impact on the output resolution. The output resolution is setted by the spout Resolution and it’s 1280×720 by default.

The plugin is compatible with any software 32 & 64 bit supporting OSC, FFGL and Spout as Resolume 5 & 6. However, because of the Spout protocole, the plugin can not working with some basic graphics card such as some intel graphic cards. You can try the plugin by yourself to test it on your computer : NSKernel_Demo.7z (13128 downloads )

— Kernel —

  • System : Windows
  • Compatible Resolume 6
  • Graphic Card Complexity : high
  • Number of Parameters : 9 + GUI
  • Type : Source
  • protocole used : OSC/Spout
  • Demo version : NSKernel_Demo.7z (13128 downloads )

Live demonstration here :

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