Mirror Stripes


FFGL Windows Plugin Effect

This plugins generate the mirror of the input image and mix with the inpout by drawing stripes on the output images. With these 7 parameters (5 sliders, 2 checkboxes), you can control, independently X and Y speed and frequence. The last parameter allow you to control the way to mix stripes on your output images. This effect could be very usefull and adapted for a large kind of event.
— Mirror Stripes—


This effect generate stripes of mirror images from your input video. You can control X &Y frequence and X&Y signal speed independently. The last parameter, smoothness allow you to swith progressively from sharp edges stripes to progressive deform edges. this effect is very usefull for any kind of music but is very adapted for modular music, indeed by controlling x signal speed and y signal speed independently, you can synchronize this signal with the music signal.

Here you can test the Demo version : NSMirrorStripes_Demo.7z (278 downloads) , this is a free version allowing you to test the plugin during 60 sec before it fade out. In this version you can’t switch signal direction like in the full version.


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