Pack – HSlide


FFGL Windows Plugin Mixer

The pack offer you 3 Mixer (6 plugins) and 1 effect mixer to get the best controls on videos

Note each of these mixer have a left and right version so you will get 6 mixer and 1 video effect
— HSlide Pack —

  • System : Windows
  • Graphic Card complexity : light
  • Hslide (video mixer)
  • HSharpSlide (video mixer)
  • HSoftSlide (video mixer)
  • HSlide FX (video effect)
  • Type : pack



Get all Hslide family mixer and effect to mix your videos as you want. This pack include Hslide basic, sharp and soft mixer, right and left (6 mixer) and one Hslide FX to control the alpha channel directly on your videos or FX





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