SinColor V1


Apply a sinusoidal function on your colors channels by using the SinColor plugin.

8 parameters and 1 checkbox, to control sinus frequencies speed, offset, shift rgb channels and other. This plugins can make very impressive result with a simple picture, that’s explain why it’s more expensive.

The speed parameter has a range from very slow color fluctuation to very fast(be careful). It has been coded to have the best control over the speed.

You can get also a good control over the color by changing input color saturation, rgb shift, amplitude & range channel (both are linked) to control the contrast color. And also the threshold value, very useful to apply the effect depending of the pixel brightness value.

— SinColor —

NOTE : use 32bit version for Resolume 5 and under, and 64bit version for Resolume 6.

Live demonstration with the old plugin version here. You will note that the plugin have the same parameters with more other  to have a better control on the video :

Get the sound here :

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