Speed Trip V1


FFGL Windows Plugin Source

This plugin generate psychedelics patterns moving and changing their colors. You can control the speed from very slow to very high speed, 4 other parameters allow you to control the plugins and make lots of possibilities.
You can test the demo version below
—Speed Trip V1 —

Live demonstration :

Sound by Jaratah and Speed Side :
Inside – Jaratah vs Speed-Side

Jaratah :

Speed-Side :

Live visual perfomance by VJ Natspir :



Are you Vjing in a free party ? The first version of Speed Trip Source generate colored forms with 5 parameters to control speed, global size, form complexity, width and height. Very usefull for fast bpm music such as high-tech, speedcore, but also psychedelic music but can be adapted for chillout music aswell if you make the forms moving very slow. This source has good capacity 😉

Test the demo version now : SpeedTripV1_Demo.7z (14524 downloads )

The demo version allow you to use the plugin during 60 sec before it fade out.


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