Dissolve the input video with a Voronoi pattern. This drawing a shape on your alpha channel and then set to transparent all inside the mask. The mask is blended into the video by the voronoi dissolving effect. The numerous parameters allow you to control the shape of the mask, the position, the size and rotation but also some distoriton on the video and varaition on the voronoi pattern itself ! Very usefull for blending/framing videos into another or nice video mapping projection on geometric surface ! A live demonstration should be uploaded soon !

This plugin is compatible with all Resolume version.

— VoroMixer —

  • System : Windows
  • Compatible : All Resolume
  • Graphic Card Complexity : light
  • Number of sliders: 15
  • Number of checkboxes : 5
  • Type : Dissolution, Masking, Distortion,



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