FFGL Windows Plugin effect. Compatible with Resolume 6

This FFGL plugin bring you new possibilities to produce glitch & noise on your VJ Mix. With 8 sliders and 3 check box, you can distort any input video or image with a noise signal. The differents parameters allow you to control Vertical and horizontal distortions, frequency, strength and speed. There is also different mode to adapt noise over image gradient or any other kind of noise processing.
This FFGL is compatible with 32 and 64 bits application so you can use it on Resolume 6 and other.

The demoversion for Resolume 5 & 6 is available here : NSHashPix_Demo.7z (13299 downloads ) so you can test the plugin before it fades out and you need to reload.
— Hash Pix –

System : Windows
Graphic Card complexity : light
Number of parameters : 8
Number of Checkboxes : 3
Type : Glitch FX, noise
Free Demo : NSHashPix_Demo.7z (13299 downloads )
Shader coder : Natspir

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